Rapid prototyping

Posts on product prototyping both physical (3D printing and CNC machining, see below) and virtual (digital 3D models) are listed below.

  • Blood-sampling shape memory alloy actuators 16 October 2017

    My MSc research involved developing new techniques for collecting blood for wearable glucose monitoring applications. The thesis text and summary are publicly available from the University of Calgary.

    Overhead and...
      <a href=Exercise chair 7 April 2017

    This Fusion 360 model of an exercise armchair was conceptualized and crudely animated over 24 hours, in cooperation with Shelly-Ginelle Sicat. We later produced this video demonstrating its motion.

  • Nomad 883 Pro: Carbide 3D G-codes 9 November 2016

    The information here applies to Carbide Motion version 3. The Shapeoko and Nomad 883 CNC routers sold by Carbide 3D rely on GRBL. Code is generated by a CAM program such as Mesh Cam 6...

  • CNC milling: defining precision cutters 22 June 2016

    A very small cutter may not be included in a CAM parts library. MeshCAM requires definition of the overall length, shaft diameter, “flute diameter” (cutting tip diameter), flute length, taper angle, spindle speed, and more....