Offline code and tools.

  • Anbox 26 June 2018

    Though based on Linux, Android has diverged a long way. Anbox bridges the divide to allow Linux to run Android applications, much like WINE seeks to do for Windows.

    Anbox home window

  • Multi-point maze solver 14 July 2017

    This Java tool is a simple application of the Lee algorithm for (rectilinear) maze routing, applied to a non-grid space using Bresenham’s line algorithm.

    It was written as part of a course on...

  • IO Scope 21 May 2017

    The attached files provide a minimum-hardware approach to in-out testing. An Arduino (code configured for SparkFun’s Pro Micro) uses averaged pulse-width modulation to produce a waveform signal fed to the input of a circuit. The...

  • Controlled Random Search 16 May 2017

    The Controlled Random Search (see PDF) is a basic heuristic used in optimization (minimization of multivariable systems). I have implemented graphical interfaces based on it in both Matlab and LabVIEW, each able to identify the...

  • Chrome content settings 30 November 2014

    My extensions (Temporary Content Settings and ShowThisImage) to the Chrome browser deal mostly with content settings, specifically with making it possible to set them as strict as possible while maintaining a fair online...